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Klinik für MIC is a specialized hospital for minimally invasive surgery in Berlin with certified centers in gynecology and general surgery.


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I was initially concerned about hiring a consultant who had not worked with a hospital before, but my worries were unfounded. Laura took the time to understand our challenges and the needs of our patients to structure a site that solved our problems and helped our patients solve theirs. The needs of the patient informed every decision, from the overall architecture of the site to each individual element on the page.

One of our main objectives for this project was to alleviate the workload of our reception staff who fielded an overload of patient phone calls. By focusing on the patients' needs, we were able to answer many of our patients' questions on the website and eliminate the need for a phone call. We were also able to refer patients to an online appointment form at the right moments in their journey thus further reducing the need to contact us by phone.

Laura created a site that allows us to create and change pages using pre-built components so we could adapt the site to our needs going forward without jeopardizing the design. While customizable, the interface is intuitive and easy to use.

I highly recommend hiring Laura. She’s professional, patient, and always willing to find a way to solve any problem and adapt to our needs.

Stephanie Lipps

Stephanie Lipps
Klinik für MIC

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