There's a saying in design: ‘give them what they didn't know they wanted.’ That's exactly what Laura did with a comprehensive immersion into the world of online business, marketing, website design, and strategy.

My website is so much more than what I imagined at the beginning of this journey. I thought I was hiring a website designer but got so much more: a mentor, a business and marketing coach and someone who has made me think completely differently about my business and business direction. Her content ideas and support were invaluable.

Christine White, Christine White Design

Christine White
Christine White Design

Since the redesign, there has been a noticeable increase in sales of coaching services.

Additionally, my clientele has changed. The new website is attracting the kind of clients I want to be working with.

Kathleen Parker, Red Tape Translation

Kathleen Parker
Red Tape Translation

Launching a new website can be overwhelming, but Laura's guidance made a huge project manageable. Her expertise in cutting-edge trends and useability features were invaluable in building a unique site that looks great, but also will have longevity in the fast-changing web design world. I couldn't be happier with how the site turned out. Working with Laura, you can feel confident that you're in extremely capable hands!

Heather Butterfield Illustration

Heather Butterfield
SmartPop Books

I was initially concerned about hiring a consultant who had not worked with a hospital before, but my worries were unfounded. Laura took the time to understand our challenges and the needs of our patients to structure a site that solved our problems and helped our patients solve theirs. The needs of the patient informed every decision, from the overall architecture of the site to each individual element on the page.

One of our main objectives for this project was to alleviate the workload of our reception staff who fielded an overload of patient phone calls. By focusing on the patients' needs, we were able to answer many of our patients' questions on the website and eliminate the need for a phone call. We were also able to refer patients to an online appointment form at the right moments in their journey thus further reducing the need to contact us by phone.

Laura created a site that allows us to create and change pages using pre-built components so we could adapt the site to our needs going forward without jeopardizing the design. While customizable, the interface is intuitive and easy to use.

I highly recommend hiring Laura. She’s professional, patient, and always willing to find a way to solve any problem and adapt to our needs.

Stephanie Lipps

Stephanie Lipps
Klinik für MIC

Laura is an excellent web designer and developer. I have worked with Laura for many years and she delivers a consistent and amazing product every time.

I heartily endorse hiring her!

Melissa de la Cruz

Melissa de la Cruz

Working with Laura was a pleasure. She understood very quickly what was important for the client and what was to be achieved by the design. Thanks to her good eye for detail she found gaps in the design very quickly and great solutions how to translate the design to WordPress. As a freelancer in our agency she was very responsive and reliable. We and the client are very happy with the collaboration and the result.

Claudius Staudte
CEO Kombinat GmbH

We are very happy with our new website. We asked for a lot of features – so many that we found them hard to keep track of, but Laura was very organized and kept the project on track. She tackled every feature we requested, no matter how complicated. Laura developed a structure for the site that would accommodate and connect all the different types of information on our artists and exhibitions, making a complex site easy to navigate. As a result, we often use the site when talking with clients in person. Out of all the digital tools we have, the new website is the easiest way to quickly show clients an artist's work and history. The site is absolutely beautiful. I would recommend Laura without hesitation!

Ingrid Kennedy
Klaus von Nichtssagend

Laura is absolutely phenomenal. She combines superb design sense with significant technical ability.

She never overpromises, but she has consistently over-delivered. It's very rare to find someone with both this mix of talents, and a deep commitment to getting things exactly right.

Leah Wilson, BenBella Books

Leah Wilson
BenBella Books

Laura was incredibly patient and took the time to understand our scope of work and what we needed from the website. The site clearly and succinctly describes our work with easy navigation of our different services and expertise.

We were especially pleased with the publications section which cross references with ZEG employees and provides an intuitive reference list with easy access to our articles. The entire website is an enormous improvement and I feel like the end result is a great reflection of our work.

Clare Barnett, ZEG Berlin

Clare Barnett
ZEG Berlin

One of Laura's greatest strengths is her ability to think about the entire structure of the site which resulted in a site that is elegant in a number of ways, not simply aesthetically. Our site is not only beautiful, but it is well organized and coherent and easy to use. We receive compliments on it all the time.

Stephanie Hershkovitz, Hersh's

Stephanie Hershkovitz

Laura Yeffeth really gets her clients. She slips inside the mind of each client, makes it a point to understand their needs not just from a functional perspective, but branding and imaging too.

I've worked with Laura for years … and she always exceeds expectations.

Jodee Blanco, The Jodee Blanco Group

Jodee Blanco